Types And Prevention Of Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents are prevalent. You may ask yourself the reason why instead of having a reduced number of construction accidents it is increasing daily. Understanding the cause of this accidents ill ensure you manage to prevent them. It is essential for every construction site to adhere to the rules set by the construction authority and avoid any negligence.
The lack of adherence to construction sites rules and regulations on safety practices has led to the inceased nuber of construction site accidents. This included lack of proper protective gear. To prevent such accidents the construction workers should ensure that they are wearing protective clothing and the construction manager should not allow any unauthorized persons on the site.
Falling hazards is another cause of the accident that leads to physical injury to the head or limbs. To prevent these types of incidences, you should ensure that staircases and open floors are clearly marked, and guard rails are installed as soon as possible. Another common accident in construction sites is a roof fall accident. To avoid this, the construction site should have fall protection provided.
A construction site should have a construction professional who is capable of identifying hazards and one who can quickly prompt for the corrective measures when need be. This is useful in ensuring scaffolding accidents do not happen. The collapse of trenches and excavation walls is also another cause of a construction accident. This leads to the death of many workers due to restricted breathing. Caution should be taken when accessing areas with loose soils.
Power tool accidents caused by lack of technical know how to operate different tools and equipment. Tools such as nail guns have been known to cause several eye injuries annually. To prevent such accidents construction sites should only hire professional construction workers and ensure they have protective eye gear when operating such tools.
Soft tissue injuries caused by body straining activities. Construction workers end up lifting heavy construction material which in turn leads to soft tissue damage. Most insurance claims from construction workers are on the strains, sprains and chronic injuries caused during lifting. A construction site needs to have panel lifters for lifting heavy construction material. There are also forklift accidents caused when the forklift is turning and maneuvering in the construction site. There are also pedestrian accidents caused by construction vehicles which may hit a pedestrian when on the roadside. These can be prevented by adequately fencing the entire construction site, and making it accessible only to authorized persons.
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